2014 RSPO and other Professional Training Events

In an effort to build capacity in different palm-producing regions, Wild Asia has been since 2008 active in innovating and conducting professional courses for auditors, consultants, companies in the palm oil sector who are supporting or implementing RSPO standards in their policies and business practices.

All our courses are designed with lectures, group discussions and workshops to improve participants learning and understanding. We often include different forms of course evaluation to challenge course participants. We are also expanding our training offerings by adapting our training materials for other palm producing regions.

We currently offer a range of courses covering the RSPO Certification System (systems & standards) and social and environmental themes.

2014 Courses

We will be running a combination of RSPO Principles & Criteria, Supply Chain Certification and advance courses to cover HCV and other core requirements in the RSPO in 2014. The courses will be run in week-long events and for now, we are proposing to run the courses in:

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Thailand
  • London or Amsterdam
  • Cameroon or Ghana

How do I register

To register, sign up for our mailing list to make sure you receive training updates. If you would like to pre-register for a specific location email us at training [at] wildasia.org or contact us for more information.

View our latest training events here


  1. Vruchibh Sawant says


    I would like to get information about training events planned in 2014 for Lead auditor course in RSPO Principles & Criteria, Supply Chain Certification. Please do let me know about date, duration, location and fees for these training courses. I am from India and it would be fine for me to attend training programme organized in Asia.


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