Positive feedback from Wild Asia’s first training in Africa

The workshop was very meaningful and timely because it helped in avoid some of the conflicts/issues that may result from improper identification and management of HCVs.” Wild Asia’s first professional training in Africa was well received by its participants. The training, on High Conservation Value in the RSPO Standard, was supported by ZSL, the RSPO and Palm Elit. The course covered the RSPO requirements and the HCV concept. The participants came largely from West Africa (Liberia, Cameroon and Ivory Coast) and was a good mix of the palm oil stakeholders: companies, independent consultants and NGOs.

Feedback from the participants

Thank you … have have really opened our eyes.

High level of participation in the discussions by participants. This also shows a high level of interest!

We learnt a lot from the sharing for the different countries.

The practical sessions including the video which reflects closely with our company’s own challenges.

The training course was conducted by people who knew, understood and has experience in what was being taught and the training was PARTICIPATORY!

The interaction among participants and easy presentation style of the trainers and their patience.

Our own reflections

This was one of our most enjoyable training sessions in a while. The participants were engaged throughout and participated well in all discussions and activities. Their good sense of humor also made training a joy! There is a clear interest from West Africa to learn more about how to meet the requirements of RSPO. Sharing of examples and models from outside of Africa was clearly something that was well appreciated.

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