Biodiversity Training Workshops


With growing international demand for sustainable palm oil, companies are recognising the economic pay-offs in growing sustainable oil palm and at the same time reducing their negative impact on the environment, wildlife and communities in the surrounding areas in which they operate. As part of our commitment to inspire and encourage biodiversity management in plantations, the Biodiversity Training Workshops are designed to provide participants a clearer understanding of the concept of biodiversity, especially in relation to the issues connected to the oil palm industry. It also focuses on providing practical know-how aimed at helping managers to implement biodiversity management in their plantations, from learning about landscape management principles to looking at case studies on developing riparian reserves and natural corridors.

The workshops are suitable for on-the-ground plantation managers and executives from company headquarters, with a wide-ranging interest in policy, strategy and compliance issues, as well as the practicalities of biodiversity in plantation management. They are designed to be holistic and in-depth, as well as utilising various learning strategies to maximise understanding within a short period of time, such as field visits and breakout group discussions in addition to theory and classroom activities.

Course Outline


The training workshops provide theoretical and practical knowledge on biodiversity management in plantations. Key topics covered include an introduction to biodiversity and ecosystems, managing landscapes for biodiversity and planning for biodiversity as well as looking at successful case studies. These workshops provide an opportunity to bring classroom and field training to plantation management. If you would like us to organise a training workshop for your organisation, contact us.