Wild Asia Group Scheme (WAGS) for Small Producers


Solutions for Traceable and Sustainable Palm Oil

WAGS (Wild Asia Group Scheme) is an initiative of social enterprise Wild Asia. As a methodology, it has been developed from the ground-up, to addresses the challenges of traceability in the palm oil supply chain, to understand the challenges palm oil suppliers face to meet “zero deforestation” commitments and challenges of small producers in enhancing their productivity and best management practices.

Key Features

  • Established: First piloted in 2010, with the support of a RSPO member and International donors.
  • Origin of Product: All WAGS suppliers are able to trace the origins of the product back to their farms.
  • Code of Conduct: All verified suppliers have to abide by a code of conduct to fulfill legal requirements, ensure workers’ rights and promote low-impact operations.
  • Risk Management: All WAGS suppliers complete a producer and farm profile, including the identification of their farms. This allows Wild Asia to apply a risk assessment methodology to understand the main limitations to meet “zero deforestation” commitments.
  • Globally Benchmarked. Our approaches are globally benchmarked hence our methods can be validated independently. Our work has been RSPO- and MSPO-certified and we continue to refine our approaches to meet these standards.
  • Trusted Partner. As a not-for-profit organization, Wild Asia is able to build a level of trust with the suppliers and bridge the gap between third-party suppliers and buyers.

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WAGS – Progress To-date

Since the establishment of WAGS in 2010, we have supported smallholders across Malaysia. The following table provides a summary of our work to-date.

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Project Location Status Year Established Certified FFB (mt/year) Est. CSPO (mt/year)
Bintulu, Sarawak Certified 2010 9,102 979.27
Beluran, Sabah Certified 2012 17,171 3,664
Kinabatangan, Sabah Certified 2013 15,975 3,372
Air Kuning, Perak Certified 2013 21,626 4,076
Tawau, Sabah Pilot 2015 NA NA
Batu Pahat, Johor Pilot 2015 NA NA
Johor Bahru, Johor In Progress 2018 NA NA
Total 54,357 11,024
*Last updated 28th February 2018

WAGS – Availability of RSPO Certified Products

WAGS works directly with buyers to purchase physical or credits of sustainable palm oil or to develop a traceable supply chain to source of origin. Contact us if you are interested to purchase RSPO credits from our producer network.

WAGS Publications and Media Coverage

As WAGS evolves, we continually document our work in many ways. The following is a chronological list of publication or media coverage.

About WAGS

  • 2014 August: Business News Wilmar continues to support sustainable practices in palm oil production (Channel News Asia, Singapore)
  • 2014 August: Business News Wilmar continues to support sustainable practices in palm oil production (Channel News Asia, Singapore)
  • 2013 Nov: Smallholders profiled Sustainable Palm Oil To be New Benchmark (The Edge, Malaysia)


Air Kuning, Perak


Bintulu, Sarawak


Beluran, Sabah


Kinabatangan, Sabah