Kinabatangan, Sabah


Wild Asia is working with Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad to establish a Group Scheme with small farmers in the Kinabatangan region as part of their small farmer engagement project. This widens Nestlé’s commitments in the Kinabatangan region. We have insofar conducted baseline environment, social and HCV assessments and will proceed to prepare these producer groups towards certification in 2013.

Nestlé’s work in Kinabatangan has been focused on Project Rileaf which aims to create a landscape where people, nature and industry (agriculture) are ‘united’ by their common source of vitality – water. Apart from attempting to restore riverine vegetation along the Kinabatangan River for ecological and environmental functions, Project Rileaf also aims to promote the Kinabatangan Corridor of Life (K-CoL) as an area for sustainable oil palm production. Nestlé is now developing Project Upleaf as part of their small farmer engagement efforts.

For more information, visit Project Rileaf.

Scheme in Numbers

The table below indicates the total number of small farmers targeted to be certified and our progress to date.

Item Projected Target 2014 (Current) 2015 Progress (Estimate) 2016 Progress (Estimate)
No. of members in group 1,000 42 300 600
No. of certified members 1,000 36 240 480
Projected hectarage of certified members 6,000 252 1,800 3,600
Total annual FFB (mt) 60,000 3,091 18,000 36,000
Total annual CPOeq (mt) 12,426 640 3,728 7,456
Total annual PKeq (mt) 2,940 145 882 1,764
Total annual PKOeq (mt) 1,323 65 397 794
*These figures are based on a projected calculation.


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